• January 2015

Salmon catch 2014


Some water in May brought some fish up but then it stayed dry until the middle of October. 13 in total were caught and released - 7 before the 9th of June and 6 after the 10th October.


After the 26th October there was plenty of water and lots of fish. The breakdown of catches prepared by Duncan showed that the catches were evenly spread between the anglers with L Williams, M Williams, B Metcalf and J Galvin having 2 each and T Rigby, D Jones-Morgan, J Newton, P Huntington and M Wilkes catching 1 each




  • December 2014

Llyn Alarch Update


Club scretary Lance, fished Llyn Alarch during some of the warmer weather before Christmas.


17th December - 10 Carp, 3 Roach, 1 Rudd, 1 Tench and 1 Trout.

20th December - 7 Carp, 3 Tench and 1 Roach.


All caught on legered sweetcorn




  • December 2014

Grayling Masters sponsored by B R Flies


Winner - Lee Tatton

Second - Hugh Weir

Third - Gareth Evans


Congratulations to all and a full report can be seen on the Grayling masters page



  • November 2014

Grayling Masters


Unfortunately, due to torrential rain and subsequent flooding, the Grayling Masters had to be cancelled.


This has now been re-scheduled for Sunday 7 December 2014.



  • September 2014

Trout Season


With Trout season nearly over, send us pictures of your catches too info@builthwellsangling.co.uk and we'll feature them on our site




  • August 2014

Llyn Alarch


Llyn Alarch is continuing to produce good fish with many mixed bags.  Good size specimens are making an appearance including the 2 Carp below, with their captors, Berry and Chris respectively.


Berry and his Carp


Chris with his Carp



  • July 2014

Llyngwyn Carp have settled well in Llyn Alarch


The wild Carp the club caught at Llyngwyn (and following an EA health check) were re-located in Llyn Alarch have settled well and are featuring in mixed bags of fish.


Fish up to 8lb are being landed along with Roach, Tench, Common Carp, Mirrors, Crucian and Bream.  All methods are reportedly working well.




  • July 2014

Anything to report?


Fishing is still looking good despite the low water levels.  Just before dusk is proving the best time for dry fly fishing, whereas the nymphs are doing well during the day.


There are also the usual big Chub in the shallow waters of the Irfon that can clearly be seen from the Groe path.



  • July 2014

Fishing is looking good


Lots of reports of good fishing coming in at present.  Most exciting is the report of a big Brown, estimated at 4lb+ being hooked but unfortunately lost this week - location undisclosed ;)


If your a keen dry fly fisherman, early evening is seeing a lot of action on the top right up until dusk.


Remember to send us your pictures and reports to info@builthwellsangling.co.uk



  • April 2014

Llyn Alarch


Some nice fish being caught up Llyn Alarch








  • 5 March 2014

Trout Season


With Trout season underway, those overwintered Brownies will be hungry and keen to take a fly.


Did anyone get out on opening day? Plan to fish this weekend? Lets us know your stories and send us your pictures info@builthwellsangling.co.uk



  • 20 February 2014

Lake Re-Opening


Llyn Alarch opens for coarse fishing on Saturday 22nd February 2014.  The original stocking of Roach, Perch, Tench, Bream, Carp (Common and Mirror) and Crucian Carp were attacked by the pesky Otters.  Since the Otter proof fence has been erected, we have had no more trouble on that score.


The original stocking had been augmented with further stocking of Roach, Rudd, Perch, Bream and Carp (both Mirror and Common) so there is a good head of fish in there.


You can buy your tickets at the lake (Third chalet on the left from the car park).  Adults £6, Juniors £3 (Age 15 and under and must be accompanied by an adult).


Visiting anglers pay the same price as members and there are no concessionary prices.


Please send your catch pictures to us at info@builthwellsangling.co.uk so we can feature them on the website.



Good luck and tight lines. 



  • February 2014

AGM Report


Following the club AGM, the following was agreed upon:


  1. Subscriptions remain the same for 2014
  2. Junior age limit raised by one year to 15 years inclusive
  3. Llyn Alarch to open as a coarse fishery on 22nd February 2014




  • 22 January 2014

Club AGM - 7:30 23 January 2014


The club will decide on fees for 2014, elect/re-elect committee members and club officials as well as discuss other important matters that have arisen.


Anyone wishing to attend, it will start at 7:30 at the Greyhound Hotel, Builth Wells.  It is also a good time to purchase your membership for the year with officials on hand to issue them.




  • 11 November 2013

SACC - Sustainable Access Campaign Cymru


The club are now active supporters of the SACC.  The SACC are a coalition of organisations that support a common sense approach to public access to land and water in Wales to benefit both users and landowners, and to provide better value for money for stretched public funds. We are united in our belief that the current legal framework already balances the rights of landowners and conservation with the desire for accessgroup. 


A consultation will be launched in the form of a green paper in December 2013 which will ask for views on the possibility of introducing new legislation, changing the way people access the countryside in Wales. We believe that if universal access to land and water were to be imposed by the Welsh Government there would be significant ramifications in rural Wales and it would not actually serve to provide the general public with the type of access they desire.


For further information, click the link below and register your individual support (I have - CB) by simply supplying your name and an e-mail address.  It will take 2 minutes and will benefit the future of angling on our waters. 







  • 14 October 2013

Club First


A 7lb Salmon was caught on the 'fly-run' this week. It is a club first as its the first one ever to be caught by female angler, Mary Bradbury.


Mary is a club member and regularly fishes with her husband, Andrew.


She was fishing the popular 'fly-run' beat and was actually fishing for Grayling using a small, black nymph.  Having hooked the Salmon on her 4wt rod with only 5lb fluorocarbon, she kept hold and played it to the net successfully.


Everyone at the club sends Mary their congratulations.  As its the first Salmon caught by a female angler, it is now a club record. Here is to many more and maybe next time Andrew can come away with the 'story'.




  • 3 July 2013

Competition Winner


Winner of the Free Day Permit was Liam Walsh.  Draw took place at the committee meeting last night and the name was drawn by Club Chairman Ian Campbell.  Special thanks to Bert for use of his hat.


Congratulations Liam, we look forward to seeing you on our waters.




  • 3 June 2013



    The Shad have made their yearly visit, arriving late last week and over the weekend.  Many have been caught despite not being allowed to fish for them, taking nymphs and wet flies.


    Extremely hard fighting fish, with solid mouths and tails they put a serious bend in the rod.




  • 25 April 2013

Salmon Spotting


Recent report from one of our Special Members who has seen 2 fresh Salmon in the Aber Pool.


One was a large fish at the Irfon/Wye confluence where as a smaller Salmon was spotted about 20 yards  above it.


Any more sighting of big Salmon? Any other news you wish to share with us? Please e-mail us at info@builthwellsangling.co.uk


Tight lines.



  • 31 March 2013


Do you have any pictures of any catches on our waters? Maybe you've landed a lovely Brown Trout since the season has started?


If so, send your pictures to info@builthwellsangling.co.uk and we'll feature them on the website.


Tight lines.




  • 17 March 2013 and 7 April 2013

Litter Picks


On the two dates above, there will be a litter picks along certain stretches of our water.  This follows on from a successful operation last year organised by Keep Wales Tidy and the Wye and Usk Foundation where a substantial amount of rubbish was collected.


17th March

The stretch below the main road bridge.

Meet - The Groe, Builth Wells at 10am


7 April 2013

Our stretch of the Irfon

Meet - The Groe, Builth Wells at 10am


The overall aim is to clear the tributaries and the main river from Builth to Glasbury. Various clubs and groups are clearing their own sections.  I will post the 'meet' times a bit closer to the dates.


Here is a link to last years clean up:




  • 3 March 2013

Brown Trout Season is now open


So the Trout season is now open for 2013. Good luck to all that are out fishing and remember to stay safe.


Why not e-mail us your catches to info@builthwellsangling.co.uk and we can feature them on our site.



  • 9 February 2013

Llyn Alarch Stocking


More fish have today been stocked in Llyn Alarch including an 8 1/2 lb Carp named 'Carl' sponsored by Carl Williams of Williams Building Contractors.


Carl the Carp


Carl (the Carp) was put into the lake safely and decided to swim around the entire perimeter of the lake. Obviously scouting out his new home.


Check out Llyn Alarch in pictures for some more pictures from today


If anyone would like to sponsor a fish to go into the lake, please e-mail us at info@builthwellsangling.co.uk 



  • 25 January 2013



The 2013 subs have increased slightly on 2012.  Check the members section of 'Fishing Prices' for more information


  • 10 January 2013



The AGM will take place at the Greyhound Hotel, Builth Wells on 17th January 2013.


All welcome so come along and hear what your club has been doing and the future plans.  Its also an opportunity to renew your membership for 2013 or join/rejoin the club.



  • 30 November 2012

Llyn Alarch update


To see more information on the redevelopment of Llyn Alarch including pictures of whats going on, try these links:

Llyn Alarch Development

Llyn Alarch in pictures


Also, 1st December sees the first stocking of coarse fish at the lake.  Check back for pictures and info




  • 19 November 2012

Llyn Alarch update


More work has been taking place this weekend to further develop Llyn Alarch into a coarse fishery. Picture below shows this weekends team before getting rather muddy for their efforts.

From left to right

Duncan McDonald (Vice-Chairman and Bayliff), David Stevens, Nigel Barnard, Andrew Pennington, Geoff Lawrence, Stephen Frodsham, Lance Burton (Secretary), David Holland, Ian Campbell (Chairman), John Lloyd (Treasurer)



  • 11 November 2012 


Salmon Catch 2012



Breakdown of Catches


By Numbers

Total - 40 fish

7 on Spinner and 33 on fly. 2 fish were killed (before the EA's mandatory catch and release was confirmed)and 38 returned.

Biggest Fish - 22 lb

Most fish by an individual - 12 (over the Salmon Season)

Best pool - Aber Pool saw 15 fish


By Month

May - 1

June - 7

July - 6

August - 0

September - 3

October - 23

Best Day - 15th October (5 on Groe Stream, 1 on Larder Pool)


By Pool

Aber Pool (Left Bank) - 15

Larder Pool - 9

Groe Stream - 9

Fly Run - 6

Irfon Run - 1


It must be noted that these are recorded catches.  Its very important for everyone to report their catches to Duncan Macdonald



  • 7 November 2012

Big Salmon caught on Aber Pool


A report of a big salmon was reported to me this week, caught on Aber Pool by Graham Burgess.


The Salmon was caught on a 4lb line and double maggot on a size 18 hook.  Quite the acheivement when you find out it took an hour and 10 minutes to land!


Congratulations Graham




  • 5 November 2012

2013 Welsh Bank Fly Fishing Trials


On 4th November 2012, the 2013 Welsh Bank Fly Fishing Trials took place at Garnffwyd.  The trial was suppossed to have been held at Eglwys Nynudd Reservoir but having fished terribly, the trial was switched.


Two GPIAC club members fished at the trial (Dan Graham and Lee Tatton).  Mixed results saw Lee making the team for a thrid year whilst, unfortunately, Dan did not make the team.


The Welsh Champion was Matthew Jones


2013 Team:

Team Manager and Captain - Hywel Morgan

Welsh Champion - Matthew Jones

Lee Tatton

Chris Jones

Peter Thurnall

Roger Lewis


Congratulations to all who made the team and comiserations to those that didnt.




  • 26 October 2012

Final day of Salmon fishing today


Salmon fishing ended on the Wye on the 17th October and today is the final day (26th) on the Irfon.


The Salmon catch now stands at 39, I wonder if we can hit 40 by the end of the day?



  • 22 October 2012

Club member represents Wales


On 17th October 2012, Lee Tatton represented Wales at the 2012 Home Nations Bank International at Garnfrwydd, Carmarthenshire.


There was some fantastic angler on display and Lee put up a good account of himself, finishing overall in 13th place with 9 fish.


Final results


Team Results - Overall
1st   England - 76 Fish
2nd  Scotland - 51 Fish
3rd   Wales - 50 Fish
4th   Ireland - 41 Fish

Top Rods - Overall
1st   Terry Philips, England - 19 Fish
2nd  Dean Appleby, England - 17 Fish
3rd   Steven Corsar, Scotland - 13 Fish

Top Rod for Wales was Matthew Jones who finished 5th with 13 Fish.



  • 16 October 2012

Club member fishes for Wales


Club member, Lee Tatton, is fishing for Wales tomorrow (17th) for his second cap in the 2012 Home Nations Bank International at Garnfrwydd, Carmarthenshire.


Lee finished the 2011 International in Ireland with the largest fish.


Join me in wishing Lee all the best.


I'm going along with another club member, Dan Graham, as control for the event - more news to follow




  • 10 October 2012

Salmon Catch


The Salmon boys seem to have found the magic touch.  This years total is now up to 24.  7 Salmon caught in 8 days.

8lb Hen caught by Mick Wilkes on Larder Pool



  • 2 October 2012

Salmon Catch


Two more Salmon were caught from Aber Pool (see Maps) over the weekend taking our total to 17 for the year.



  • 19 September 2012

Salmon Catch


A catch of another Salmon has been reported on our waters bringing this years (reported) total up to 15.



  • 4 September 2012

After some heavy rain the rivers have settled down nicely.


Both the Irfon and the Wye have dropped to 'normal' levels and are losing their colour.  With the weather report for the next 10 days looking warm and dry, we should see plenty of sport.


Current river levels, taken from the Environment Agency website:


Wye (at Builth Wells) - 1.32m



Irfon (at Cilmery) - 0.49m





  • 23 August 2012

Lots of fish are being reported caught on the following stretches:


  1. 'The Island', below Aber Pool - Grayling and Brown Trout
  2. Aber Pool - Chub
  3. Above Builth bridge - Grayling, Brown Trout, Dace as well as Salmon Par
  4. The Fly Run - Brown Trout and Grayling


Of course there is plenty of fish to be caught all accross our waters.  These are the ones that i've been hearing about (and catching) myself.



  • 29 July 2012

Salmon Catch


The latest (recorded) Salmon catch is 14.  We will continue to update with the numbers as they are caught.  Hopefully we can get the sizes and who caught them - if we can get information of what they are being caught on we will.  However these Salmon fisherman can be sly devils.




  • 15 July 2012

A little story, which we would like to share


Peter Price, one of our life members, hasnít fished for 20 years but at the beginning of July decided to have a go for salmon. He didnít catch one but was delighted to be back on the river bank. On Thursday (12 July) he tried again and caught a 10 pounder from the Aber Pool. Unsurprisingly, he was absolutely delighted.


We are all delighted that he should return in such style.



  • 14 July 2012

Anyone for Perch, or maybe some Gudgeon?


Report by secretary, Lance Burton:

'I caught a perch about 7 inches long yesterday (13th) and a couple of Gudgeon today. A big perch about 2 lbs was caught a couple of years ago along the Groe but a small one like the one Iíve just had from the Aber Pool indicates that they are breeding.


Several people had mentioned to me that the Gudgeon had disappeared but I think that to some extent it is due to the way the kids fish these days. Years ago they all used to get worms and because of their poor tackle could only fish in at the side Ė the right bait in the right place.


So I fished with brandlings in the slack water and caught Gudgeon Ė Voila! I photographed the Gudgeon but forgot to take one of the Perch Ė Bozo of the Year.

Gudgeon - fish of a lifetime? Posibly not



  • 26 June 2012

Catch and release is now mandatory on all Salmon caught on the Wye. 


Update - 29 June 2012

More information can be found on the Environment Agency Website:


Byelaws - http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/recreation/fishing/31465.aspx


News - http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/news/140629.aspx?month=6&year=2012&coverage=Wales



  • 22 March 2012

Shad were spotted today for the first time on our waters this year. 


Shad are a species of Herring.  They resemble many sea fish with their reflective scales, but can be found in the Wye bewteen May and June.

They make the journey to the Wye to spawn.


Update - 6 June 2012

The shad have been here in good numbers.  There have been numerous reports of Shad being caught over Jubilee weekend while fishing for trout.  The Shad were favouring Aber Pool (see item 7 on the Map of our Waters) and the stretch of water between Church Pool and Bridge Pool (items 4 and 5 on the Map of our Waters)





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