Non Members


Rivers Wye and Irfon Fees


Salmon 3 day - £30 (Days to run consecutively)


Salmon 1 day - £15


Trout 3 day - £20 (Days to run consecutively)


Trout 1 day - £10


Junior 3 day - £3 (Days to run consecutively)


Coarse 1 day - £8 (1st October to the last day of February)

Maggots may only be used from 1st October to the last day of February inclusive.  Outside the close season, coarse fishing is available using baits other than maggot by purchasing a trout permit.  However, no coarse fishing to be done within the 'Fly-only' stretches


Permits can be obtained from:



High Street

Builth Wells



Conti's Newsagents

High Street

Builth Wells


Caer Beris Manor Hotel

Builth Wells



Park Hotel

The Strand

Builth Wells




Llyn Alarch Coarse Fishery


Adults - £6


Junior - £3


Visiting anglers and club members pay the same fees and there are no concessionary prices.


Permits can be obtained from the lake - see full instructions on the gate to the lake.


For Sat Navs - LD2 3HH



Country Members


We have a country membership which is limited to 25 places for Salmon, 25 for Trout and unlimited Coarse - the people who take them up are called “Special Members” for reasons lost in antiquity.


The fee for a Salmon Special member is £80.00, Trout £40.00 and Coarse  £32.50. Membership runs from AGM to AGM (held in January) and the fees are agreed at each AGM.


Salmon membership entitles you to fish all the Club’s waters for all the species therein, Trout for everything but Salmon, and Coarse is restricted to coarse fishing during the open season for coarse fish and includes fly-fishing for grayling.  Salmon and Trout membership entitles you to take part in the Exchange schemes with several Clubs and to concessionary rates at Llyn Alarch. It does not entitle you to vote but you are welcome to attend and comment.  


At the moment we have a short waiting list for both Trout and Salmon categories. We do not have any concessionary rates for Special members.    


If you would like to join as a Coarse member, or put your name on the waiting list for Trout or Salmon please contact:

Club Secretary, Lance Burton

Angle House

Pentrosfa Crescent

Llandrindod Wells

Powys, LD1 5NW

Phone 01597 823119 or 07775 735355; or





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